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VOCALOID & Synthesizer-V (Thread)
So hi ! I would like to share my love for the voices synthesizers. My first voice synthesizer that i use is :
VOCALOID (Presentation) :

VOCALOID was made by Yamaha Corporation and started to become popular thanks to the dear : Hatsune Miku (Developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Saki Fujita) who is a Library (Voicebank/Voice) who was created for the first time on the VOCALOID2 engine and thanks to : IA, the VOCALOID developed by 1st Place (On the VOCALOID3 Engine) and voiced by Lia (The Singer of the original opening of Angel Beats, named : "My Soul, Your Beats !".) There is a wide variety of voicebanks (voices) that they are, feminine, masculine, soft, powerful/dynamic, that they can sing in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Me ?, I don't create originals songs but i simply create Covers of other songs on SoundCloud and Youtube. Besides it's not just me !

2. : Synthesizer-V (Demo made by a friend) :

Synthesizer-V is another voice synthesizer developed by Kanru Hua. For the moment :

- 1 Synthesizer-V was just for the moment on "Technical Preview" version.

- 2 Level voice, you just have : Eleanor Forte (A English voice.)

The differences between VOCALOID and Synthesizer-V are, that the English pronunciation was better, the software is easy for any level and mostly : He's free ! You can find the "Technical Preview" version of the Editor for Windows or Linux + Eleanor Forte here :

That's all I can tell you. We can talk more about it under this thread. To finish here is another song with Synthesizer-V presenting a future female Japanese voice named for the moment with the code name : JA-F1 :
More Informations : For VOCALOID, today is the birthday of the first VOCALOID who can sing in Japanese and Korean named : SeeU.
For Synthesizer-V, three voices are in development :
- JA-F1 a Feminine voice for the Japanese (The Youtube link of a demo is here :
- MAN-F1 a Feminine voice for the Mandarin Chinese.
- MAN-M1 a Masculine voice too for the Mandarin Chinese.
After no information on the release date, designs and names of the voices were revealed.
Hi, I forgot to tell you that yesterday was the birthday of Hatsune Miku. ^^'

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