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N Sane Trilogy level editor prototype
(03-04-2019, 04:17 PM)ARD Wrote: Here is another update! I started making a new version of the editor from scratch a few weeks ago and have been working on it pretty much every day since then. I still have a lot to do but I'm really happy with what I've got so far. The new version is a kind of combination of the other prototypes I made, so it includes both the visual unity editor and the cheat engine style "in game" editing that I used in the first command line version. I'm not gonna show much of the actual UI yet because it's constantly changing as I add and change features but it is a lot more advanced than the old version, it didn't actually take me very long to get back to the point I was at before and then I just kept going as I kept experimenting more and learning more about programming.
Speaking of patching, the current system saves a custom level as a single file (.ard obviously) which can apply all of your modifications in one go, plus any extra files you choose to add to your level (if you have any custom music or textures etc you can add them to the level with this). But no point getting too much into that yet while there's still so much work to do. Just wanted to show that I am actually making some progress with this thing and didn't feel like making another 40 minute video about something that's still not ready to release. But it will be soon hopefully! Many thanks to Neo_Kesha for helping me with the PAK normalisation stuff.

That's a sick amount of work! It's just amazing progress you did with editor and stuff. Wonder how far you can go with it. Hoping some day NST modding scene will become that easy so everyone could make their levels and bosses for a game, making NST immortal. 
Just as always, if you'll need any help - just ask and i will try my best. Good luck!

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