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N Sane Trilogy level editor prototype
This is seriously cool! One question I had: How modular is the level design in the NST games? For example, I can imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to, say, make all-new Crash 2 ruins or river levels, since their level design is composed of a bunch of platforms that can be placed wherever, whereas stuff like the Jungle or Snow levels might need all new models, because they're terrain-based. Sewer levels might be the same, but maybe they are put together piece-by-piece too. If they're just one huge model for the entire level then that would pose a problem, but if they're broken into smaller chunks then they can probably be worked around. I know modular level design is pretty common in modern workflows, but they might have also combined a bunch of modular designs into singular models for memory conservation reasons.

Definitely looking forward to the editor, but also don't stress yourself out, and take as much time as you need! Your work is very appreciated.

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