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N Sane Trilogy level editor prototype
(05-05-2021, 04:47 AM)Emerald47089 Wrote: How modular is the level design in the NST games? For example, I can imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to, say, make all-new Crash 2 ruins or river levels, since their level design is composed of a bunch of platforms that can be placed wherever, whereas stuff like the Jungle or Snow levels might need all new models, because they're terrain-based. Sewer levels might be the same, but maybe they are put together piece-by-piece too. If they're just one huge model for the entire level then that would pose a problem, but if they're broken into smaller chunks then they can probably be worked around.

Yeah, ruins etc that are made up of loads of individual platforms are the easiest levels to make your own versions of and have them look pretty official. Stuff like the jungle and snow levels you mentioned usually use one or a couple of models for all of the ground in the level. Things like the cliffs and other details that make up the "walls" of the terrain in something like a snow level are all separate models though and you can do a lot with them. For my Arctic Antics remake I used a combination of those cliffs and the models used for the side scrolling ice areas, just retextured. I've used those same models in jungle levels too, with more sandy textures. That's not as elegant as the pre-made terrain models obviously but if you put some time into it you could probably make something that looked decent. Models like the islands from the jet ski levels are also useful for creating less flat and more realistic terrain, but take longer to add proper collision for.

As for the sewer levels, those are modular:

[Image: ko3y9jx.gif]
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