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N Sane Trilogy level editor prototype
Hello CogMonkey. I've been following your progress on this editor for the past few years. Your dedication is amazing. I wish you'd release your work asap for one reason : a level editor for Crash Bandicoot will impact the franchise in the BEST possible way. There will be a "before" and an "after", for sure.
There's this game called Doom that I am still playing today because it offers endless possibilities to the users.. Crash Bandicoot won't get the same amount of love as Doom, but it could still be revelant for the next decades to come thanks to your work.

Anyway, I'll definitely give your editor a shot once you release it, meaning I'll buy CB nSane Trilogy on pc even thought I already own it on switch, bought it on my friend's PS4 and got the PS1 classics.
Have a nice day.
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