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Crash Bandicoot unite!
Hello everyone!

I'm Helias, I've a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and I'm a real fan of Open Source, I contributed to TrinityCore, AzerothCore (community of developers about MMORPG server for World of Warcraft) and I published a lot of projects in my GitHub profile.

I'm writing this post to invite you to move all your code sources, wiki, documentation and everything about CBNST mod/tools into a single Crash Bandicoot GitHub organization like this (for example) and use only this forum for discussions and specific Guide/Tutorial, video, demonstrations, repacks etc..

Why? To unite the developers, to grow up the comunications and the collaborations between the developers that are trying to work on CBNST, because if you don't know that exists some project like this you can't collaborate with him or you are probably already doing the same thing and lost your time, because may you want to reverse engineer CBNST but you feel alone and don't know that there is already a project like ReBandicoot that's started this, etc.

Unfortunately, I'm not skilled in reverse engineer so I didn't contribute, but, in my humble opinion you guys could work better if you unite the developers into a real single community that can collaborate and work with the Crash Bandicoot games/stuff.

Moreover, I suggest @NeoKesha and @ARD to release the source code and continue their projects on GitHub, why I'm say this? Because men like @Flaflo could contribute with development, coding or just opening issue/reports on your repositories. I don't think that you guys earn money with the fantastic tools that you made so releasing the code should not have drawbacks/cons, I think that you can only get benefits releasing the code of your tools like suggestions or contributions to development. I don't want force you to share your codes, but ARD already said that he's open to share code (he already released some tools code sources like the NST Texture Converter) I think that if you just gather them into a GitHub Organization you can get more help and support.

I don't want to convert this forum into a Github Organization, I just want that this forum don't die (like MegaKid thought on chat), if you unite the developers into one organization you can only improve this forum and increase the users.

If a lot of users and, in particular ARD and NeoKesha (the main developers of the CBNST tools), agree with this we can ask ughman (the owner of cbhacks organization) to give us the permissions/privileges or we can just make a new organization and involve him and the other devs to the new organization.

Anyway, in my own small way I made this repository Crash-Bandicoot-Resources to list all the public repositories about Crash Bandicoot into one, adding some personal descriptions.

I take this opportunity to thanks NeoKesha, ARD and other developers like ughman, Aluigi to contribute about reverse engineer Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.

P.S. = I don't know if this section is the best for this discussion, sorry if it's not.
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Crash-Bandicoot-Resources to unite the public Crash Bandicoot tools.
Totally agree.
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what's this?
No reasons for months.

It's sad that there is no spirit of sharing and open development.
Crash-Bandicoot-Resources to unite the public Crash Bandicoot tools.

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