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Crash 3 Powers port to Crash 1 and 2
Good evening everyone. I recently obtained Crash N Sane Trilogy on Steam, and I had applied BetaM's PowerMod in the game. So far, Crash and Coco now can use speed shoes, regular body slam, and double jump in Crash 1. Crash 2 remains the same as original, although Speed Shoes in my version are now obtained automatically, and double jump is there too. Crash 3, for some reason, triggered a glitch where I got all powers at once in the beginning of the game, like the original Crash 3. My main question is that if there is any way to port the rest of the Crash 3 powers into Crash 1 and 2 (the ones I need are the super charged body slam, death tornado spin, and fruit bazzoka)? I'm using Cheat Engine, and I used CodenameGamma's cheat table, but he doesn't have the option to port them) Thanks for taking the time to answer this. I appreciate the help.

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Crash 3 Powers port to Crash 1 and 2 - by CrashGuy1 - 24-11-2018, 07:41 PM
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