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Howdy, Bandicoots!
Howdy, fellow Bandicoots!

This is Guyus the raptor, the Guy Who Knew Too Much! Some of you might already know me, but in case someone doesn't:

I've been a Crash-fan since late 90s, and I'm mostly into first five Crashs plus GBA Crashs and CNK. And with the first four ones, I mean the original PS1 versions that Naughty Dog made!

I'm also an artist: Animator, CGi modeller, video editor, music composer, game developer...a multitalent of some sort. And with my skills I'm willing to continue Crash's legacy properly (to be specific, in form of a fangame or two) since franchise's current owner, Activision and developers they involve to their productions, haven't succeed with it for years. Instead, during the last two/three years, they only screwed up the origins, repeatedly and pointlessly.

So don't bother to talk about N. Sane Travesty (unless you've discovered the way to import custom models, textures and animations, as well as willing to replace sound and music) or Nitro-F***ed-up with me. They're enemies, and make me nauseus  Dodgy

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