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CrashNSTOST: Music modding tool for the N Sane Trilogy
Moving this over here from its original location on

CrashNSTOST started out as a collection of modified music and a simple .bat file that could be used to import it into the game. I have since developed it into a proper modding tool with a command line interface that includes features to backup and restore the original music, and to convert and import custom music (though everything is still a VERY EARLY WORK IN PROGRESS.

Changes made in beta v0.04:
  • An option to run CrashNSTOST from the location of the game files instead of automatically detecting it has been added, in case the automatic detection fails for some reason (CrashNSTOST.exe needs to be located at Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy\CrashNSTOST\CrashNSTOST.exe for this to work)
Changes made in beta v0.03:
  • CrashNSTOST now uses a proper command line interface, do everything from one exe!
  • The CrashNSTOST folder no longer needs to be copied to the location of the game files, CrashNSTOST can now be run from anywhere and will detect the location of the game files the first time you use it
  • The PS1 music for Crash 1 that was included with previous releases of CrashNSTOST has had its looping improved
  • All pre-console mixes released so far by Josh Mancell are available to import for all 3 games
  • An option to import the classic 1up sound effect has been added, as proof of concept that sound effects can be modified, more PS1 sound effects and a converter for custom sound effects will be included in later releases of CrashNSTOST
  • Options for backing up and restoring the default N Sane Trilogy music have been added
  • An option to convert custom music and import it into the game has been added

To use CrashNSTOST beta v0.03, download it below and extract the zip file wherever you want. Run CrashNSTOST.exe and it will ask you to launch the game so that it can detect where the game files are installed. Leave CrashNSTOST running while you do this, and then close the game again (CrashNSTOST will work with the game running but you will run into some problems when importing to pak files that are currently in use so it's probably best to leave the game closed while modding stuff). You only have to do this the first time you use CrashNSTOST and it will remember where your game is located. If the location of your game files changes for some reason, you can reset this setting from the CrashNSTOST main menu.

There's more information about everything you can do with CrashNSTOST in the README included with the download, please do read it before you do anything else because there are limitations with things like the custom music converter and if you don't follow the instructions properly they won't work. See the video at the top of this page for demonstrations and explanations of all features, it covers the same stuff as the README but you don't need to read anything. Please also remember this is still a VERY EARLY WORK IN PROGRESS and CrashNSTOST is still in beta. It is very possible that things will not work correctly - I have zero coding experience prior to creating this tool and I've put it together very quickly so please be gentle with it and understand that I haven't accounted for every possible thing that could go wrong. If you run into a problem then I'd recommend you close CrashNSTOST (and the game if it's running), reopen it and check you're following the guidelines in the README before trying again. If it's still not working properly then let me know and I'll try to help, or fix whatever needs fixing ASAP.


CrashNSTOST beta v0.04 (23rd July 2018)
Added alternative method of locating game files in case automatic detection fails

CrashNSTOST beta v0.03 (22nd July 2018)
Added command line interface, pre-console music, custom music converter/importer, backup/restore options

CrashNSTOST beta v0.02 (2nd July 2018)
Aku Aku music added, if you installed v0.01 then you don't need to redo the whole process, check the README

CrashNSTOST beta v0.01 (2nd July 2018)
Crash 1 only, crappy quality music just for testing purposes
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seems to be broken, doesnt work. i tried going with an older version (0.03) but windows thinks its a trojan.

e: works if you put it in the game files
thanks for your dedication and sharing for this game Big Grin

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