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Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis
Fangames need their own folder in this forum. Until then I'll talk about mine here. So:

[Image: 70e0041da22afd40d733918b85ada2126de74d26.png]

That ever-devious Dr Cortex is up to no good once more! He’s kidnapped Coco and is testing his new mind control prototype to force her build bigger one, that works on the whole planet! Thankfully, a hero of all bandicoots, Crash Bandicoot, arrives to free Coco, and no worries, even if the machine was complete, cause Crash and Coco wrecked down its power supply while escaping Cortex’s castle.

The mad scientist himself won’t give up though. He just thought that a certain value of purple power crystals might be enough to power up his planetary mind control contraption, and sends his minions all over the world to find those crystals. As soon as bandicoot siblings realize this, their only hope is findig the crystals, before the minions do so.

So begins the type of adventure we’ve all been waiting for! Crash is back, and this time for REAL!

Mid-end friendly
Stunning retro-graphics that capture the visual likeness of classic Crash, and quarantee that even the lower specs can run the game smoothly

Now THAT's a genuine article
Crash has all of his signature abilities, including the power-ups gained from the bossfights

Where no bandicoot has gone before
30 levels set in whole new environments including savannah, nordic forests, swamps and construction stands...

Good ol' wumpa
The same prank-filled gameplay and elements from wumpa fruits to time trials

Vehicular mayhem
Master four (or more depending of suggestions) of Crash's vehicles from jetboard and copter pack to mech suit and desert surfboard

Some screenshots from the first level
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

There are yet several tweaks to be done before releasing the first playable demo.

The game is done with Blender Game Engine. If there's something you can do to help me and my co-programmer, please reply.

Crash Bandicoot and related content courtesy of Activision
Your fangame is looking pretty nice so far. Nice job on it!
Guyus The Raptor likes this post
Thnx, mate
Really cool stuff man!
Do you have a discord or something?
I've actually been interested in creating a fan game as well, so maybe we can collaborate?


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