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Hello from New Zealand!
Hey guys. I'm new to the forum but not to Crash!
Been playing Crash Bandicoot games for almost 2 decades now, and it's definitely one of the games I hold dearest to my heart.
My favourite Crash Game is Crash 2 - with Crash Bash a close 2nd.
I'm from New Zealand and extremely interested in modding Crash, but have no idea where to start.
I'm currently looking for a modding community to meet other modders, and to learn a thing or two.
Nice to meet you all!

My discord is Spykerwolf#0234
My steam isĀ
Hi, Spykerwolf. Welcome!
Crash 2 is my favorite of the series as well! It's actually one of my all-time favorites, up there with Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest X. Crash 2 was the first game I remember ever playing.

I'm also interested in Crash modding... Right now I'm waiting for the release of a certain level editor...
I'm an evil scientist, what do you expect? This isn't a game, you know...

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