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Upstream RMAL MODE
Before I start describing the details I want to point out that I'll have a video of this mod completed for those interested in any way or as a guideline for completing the modded level itself here: 

Well, what can I say? I finished with the last pre-Papu Papu level in Crash 1 so far and I've gathered a lot of tricks from this and previous experiences. This time, I present you Upstream, a level not particularly difficult (unless we slightly refer to the final gem route) but not particularly easy either. My mod will ensure to test anyone willing to enact the level's total completion. As previously stated, here's the link to download it: alongside a couple word files containing the coordinates that were originally contained in the igz.files and those I updated individually for my modded version. I'll also leave links for the rest of my level mods including N.Sanity Beach: , Jungle Rollers: , The Great Gate: and Boulders:

If you're interested in modding this game in some way for yourself, I'll give you a couple of links regarding tools made by other fellow creators from this community or general:
1.) NST pak Explorer by Neo_Kesha (Highly recommended):
2.) HxD by mh-nexus (Highly recommended):
3.) Cheat Engine from (Highly recommended):
4.) NST Level Selector by ARD (A nice alternative for loading the levels as you please):

To start the mod successfully after you download it (Assuming you installed Neo_Kesha's pak Explored too):

1.)Make sure you keep the original and the modded paks in different folders beforehand (For instance the folder Modded_paks will be used to store the updated pak files whilst the Normal_paks folder will store the game's original pak files for said level).
2.)Extract the files from the zip to one of the folders to avoid mixing them up (For instance in the Modded_paks/Upstream).

3.)Navigate to the “archives” folder of your game installation (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Crash Bandicoot - N Sane Trilogy\archives), select it and click OK.

4.)Wait! The patch will take a while to be applied because level archives are big files. The NST Explorer won’t tell you when it’s done but if you have a look in the archives folder you can see the pak files being updated (Make sure you extract the files beforehand.). Once the file has been saved (L105_Upstream.pak, other paks may be presented later), the mod has been installed and it’s safe to run the game. If you’re unsure just wait 5 minutes after starting the patch and that should give it plenty of time to finish. The previous versions of those pak files will be backed up automatically and saved as pak.patch_bak files.
5.)Open the N. Sane Trilogy and start a new game in Crash 1 or load Upstream (Hints and such will be updated later). You’ll know if the mod has installed successfully because there will be a couple iron crates forming some sort of half-assed staircase in the spawn point.
6.)If the game shows you a black screen once you try to re-load the level, press quit in the level's main menu screen , wait until you spawn back to the hub, re-load it and the level will play naturally once more (This process will happen once due to 1 swapped file with an extra BonusArea file my mod possesses). 
7.)Some words of encouragement for you all. Be well prepared, for my mod will challenge you at least on a few instances here and there and especially the final gem route.

8.)I symbolize the final Orange Gem Challenge in this level as a test of great timing and awareness. 

To sum it all up, if you've played this mod or any of my previous mods, let me know of your experience. I could really use some constructive feedback here and there . 

In case you want to start modding yourself with the tools presented above (and/or until ARD's level editor is ready to distribute), check out his youtube video on how to do stuff like these old-school: 

This video inspired me a lot to work on the current and previous mods to life. 

All in all, I still have a long way to go with modding the N.Sane Trilogy let alone Crash Bandicoot currently. However, I've also learned quite a lot using old-school techniques which means I'll have little trouble delaying any future mods . Time to visit Ripper Roo's levels starting with Rolling Stones.

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