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There should be an extra level for CB2 remake
CB1 remake has Stormy Ascent.
CB3 remake has Future Tense.
CB2 has nothing new.

It would be cool if VV created an extra level for the CB2 one.
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It does seem odd Crash 2 never had a deleted or extra DLC stage.
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Yeah, I was disappointed 2 never got another level.

Maybe they thought adding a Power was enough. Even though it's necessary for time trials in 2.
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A Level like Road to Ruin or Turtle Woods Big Grin but how enter this level, when we create?
Some years ago I have noticed that and I decided to create a new level for Crash 2.
It's a sewer level with a death path which is in the dark (like Night Fight). Smile

Maybe if I can get the NST and ARD's level editor, I could make it - or someone could do it for me (because there's few things which work on my computer).
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