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NST Level Combiner
Here's the tool I was using to combine levels in my latest video:

You can see the video here and I would recommend watching it before trying to use this thing. As I explained in that video this is all stuff that will be included in the level editor and in a much nicer way but because I won't be able to work on that for a while now and because there's been so much interest in this stuff I wanted to share what I could so if anyone wants to experiment with it they can.
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works perfectly for this combination... 12 Enemies... 22 Crates i think it was... the level took me a couple min to beat all BLIMPS & PLANES before it tele-ported me out... PERFECT... eagerly awaiting your editor Smile
Big Grin 
Combining Crates from all 3 flying stages with the enemies from the 2 combat flying missions works well...
just got the gem done here, took a few goes... instead of always being just too easy Tongue
It even means you gotta shoot down the NITRO BOXES too for the 55/55 Gem Smile
but there is more health around too, if you use it wisely... (since your HP drops allot faster with twice as many planes shooting you) and it's still not TOO HARD as you can see...

Big Grin 
OMFG the shark ATE ME... i'm in a fucking plane and it still ATE ME when i flew into it...
AREA 51's Lighting seems to be a fun one for merging...
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