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How to get double jump in Crash 1 and 2 on NST PS4
(18-08-2018, 01:58 AM)LexRivera Wrote: Do you think you can also upload a save with the speed shoes enabled on Crash 1?  I understand the effects of mods may not transfer over to a save, but I'm willing to try it regardless to see if it will work on PS4 using Save Wizard.

This was a good shout because I hadn't actually tested it with the other powers on PS4 and was just assuming it worked the same as the PC version. I've tried it now with all super powers unlocked and the double jump is still the only one that works, unfortunately. 

(18-08-2018, 01:58 AM)LexRivera Wrote: I remember on one of your streams you mentioned that the double jump glitch works on Crash 1 because it's apparently built into the game but not accessible normally.  Perhaps it's possible to find the value that makes double jump work and inject another power in place of it so that it works with the glitched save.  Crash 2 awards you with the speed shoes after defeating Cortex, maybe that can be applied to Crash 1 as well and permanently saved.

You can swap the powers around and apply that to a save file which will work on PS4 but it's still only the double jump that will actually function. If you replace the double jump with the fruit bazooka, for example, and then save that as a Crash 1 save, when you load the game then nothing will happen when you try to use the bazooka, or the double jump because you've replaced it. Same story with the Crash 2 speed shoes, they will only work in Crash 2. I have tried experimenting with all this stuff and I'm fairly confident that with this particular method it's only ever gonna be the double jump that works. There may be more stuff we can do to the PS4 version by editing the save files directly but I haven't looked into that yet.

I am trying to find a way to get all super powers working on Crash 1 and 2 without needing to use cheat engine which is how I'm doing it at the moment and if I can work that out then that might be a step in the right direction but I think it's unlikely that there will be any way to carry that across to the console versions. If you want speed shoes on Crash 1 on PC then there's a few ways you can do that which I'll be posting about soon, but those involve modding the game files so cannot be applied to save slots.

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