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Possibility of Importing Custom models/animations?
(14-07-2019, 12:45 AM)ARD Wrote:
(13-07-2019, 08:10 PM)Guimian Wrote: The last days i have been trying to at least put some skins and animations like Princess Coco into the PC version of NST and of course it was a complete failure because of the file.. type, thing... PC and Switch differences(?). I tried a few different ways of doing it including hex editing some stuff but no luck. Not sure if it is possible to do this but eh, it would be cool to at least use the CTR models.

Getting Princess Coco into NST was the first thing I tried to do but I've never had much success with porting these files between different platforms (besides the music, you can just drag and drop any music from CTR on switch into the PC version of NST and it will work perfectly with no modifications despite being in a different format) but it's something I'm gonna keep experimenting with. I think I sort of half managed to load a crate model from the switch version of NST into the PC version but it was a bit glitchy. I'm also looking into getting stuff from CTR on switch into NST on switch but that's complicated too because I can't get either game to run with extracted archives on switch, and also because the NST explorer doesn't work properly with the switch version of NST so I've had to write my own modding tool for that... so we'll just see how that goes.

Yeah, i was trying to pack a file to the Switch version of NST and i was getting an error... So i didn't tried anything with this. I think this will be fixed in the future (there's also a problem when extracting some Normal textures too, but Neo_Kesha said he will look into it when he have some time!)

I hope we have some results for porting these files, i will continue my tests too and if i get something, i post here.

(14-07-2019, 12:10 PM)AdventureT Wrote: I'd love to make a model importer but I would have to completly reverse engineer igz format and that would be a pain in the ass and would take forever + Idk if i could then translate it to c++ so for the moment I'm focusing on IgzModelConverter to convert all model data in igz file.

Maybe with some help i could make a model importer but like I said IgzModelConverter comes first for now.

Sincerly AdventureT

Yeah, i know how complicated it is and this is why i said if it was too early. Sadly i didn't found anybody talking about this so i thought that bringing this conversation here was a good idea. I would love to try something myself but the only experience i had with reverse engineering was using hex2obj to extract models and a while back i figure out how to get some textures too... (i definitely need some classes about this and programming). I hope there's more people interested on this topic so we can get some help, maybe.
Keep focusing in the model converter because this is going to be super good for content creators and for modders too! I didn't expected something like this anytime soon at all... Thanks again for your work.
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