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CTR Nitro Fueled Model Request
Hello there. I've been working on some ports from both Crash Bandicoot Remakes, and so far I managed to release a lot of models for XPS/XNAlara.

While I have all the files from N.Sane Trilogy, I Don't have the Base files from Nitro Fueled, or the New DLC's files (The Grand Prix with Baby T and etc).

AdventureT already sended me a download link, but is gone now and I couldn't download it because my Internet is too slow.

I Don't know where else can I go, but can I ask for someone to send me the Crunch and Coco Default files, and The New Grand Prix DLC too so I can port more models into XPS? (Which probably would mean that someone ports them to SFM, I dunno).

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CTR Nitro Fueled Model Request - by MrUncleBingo - 06-08-2019, 07:29 PM

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