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NST Pre-Ripper Roo RMAL MODE mods (Crash 1)
   Here's the second NST RMAL MODE level pack that contains the 4 levels before facing Ripper Roo in Crash 1. The levels included are, Rolling Stones, Hog Wild, Native Fortress and Up The Creek. The link for the pre-Ripper Roo level pack can be downloaded from here: You will find the modded pak files for each level as well as some word files containing any coordinates I've discovered and/or altered respectively.

I also have footage containing spoiler runs of completing the level mods and getting the gem flawlessly (Watch at your own risk!). The following videos are for:

6)Rolling Stones RMAL MODE: 

7)Hog Wild RMAL MODE:

8)Native Fortress RMAL MODE:

9)Up The Creek RMAL MODE:

Here are some instructions to securing your files, navigating your way through this ordeal and installing and prepping the mods for play. To start the mod successfully after you download it (Assuming you installed Neo_Kesha's pak Explored too):
1.)This is crucial! Make sure you keep and/or copy the original and the modded paks by creating different folders for each before going any further. 
2.)Navigate to the “archives” folder of your game installation (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Crash Bandicoot - N Sane Trilogy\archives), select it and click OK.
3.)Wait! The patch will take a while to be applied because level archives are big files. The NST Explorer won’t tell you when it’s done but if you have a look in the archives folder you can see the pak files being updated. Once the file has been saved, the mod has been installed and it’s safe to run the game. If you’re unsure, just wait 5 minutes after starting the patch and that should give it plenty of time to finish. The previous versions of those pak files, will be backed up automatically and saved as pak.patch_bak files.
4.)Open the N. Sane Trilogy and start a new game in Crash 1 or load the respective level you want to load from the pack. You will notice some differences in the starting areas or just a little bit further to validate that the mod's in the game's archives's folder.
5.)There are some black screen issues in some of the levels. This is due to the replacement of viable files I've made to include extra stuff to certain levels (just extra crates if you're curious undefined ). Once a black screen pops, go back to the level menu, select Exit Level and once you're back to the hub, re-enter the level until you get no black screens if any. 

If you're interested in modding this game in some way for yourself, I'll give you a couple of links regarding tools made by other fellow creators from this community or general (until ARD's editor is ready for release):
1.) NST pak Explorer by Neo_Kesha(Highly recommended):
2.) HxD by mh-nexus(Highly recommended):
3.) Cheat Engine from recommended):
4.) NST Level Selector by ARD (A nice alternative for loading the levels as you please):
There are a couple more tools in the site itself per se, such as ARD's experimental NST Level Combiner or AdventureT's IgzModelConverter to name a few. Feel free to experiment at your own leisure. The tools above are the ones I personally use mostly and currently.

Last but not least (I know it's quite an old video but), take a look at ARD's level editing video. This video, is the reason I got interested in the NST modding scene personally. 

Any future level mods that are made by me, will be released separately for download until a level pack of 4-7 mods, is to be formed. Regards, BlaZeMaN.
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