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Alchemist: Alchemy games modding tool
New release: Alchemist BETA v1.10

This version adds support for modding the fonts (N. Sane Trilogy PC only). See README and the video below for instructions. No other changes so no bug fixes, sorry (no time!). The new stuff is a bit buggy too - if you get any glitchy characters in a custom font, go back to the font file and slightly adjust the position and size values to fix it. Normally happens if you've manually typed values in without further changes.

To keep your directory settings and recent files from the previous version you can copy stuff\config.txt to the new one, or just overwrite the old .exe with the new version.

Wasn't planning to update Alchemist any time soon but people were asking me about fonts last week and once I figured it out, this was easier than trying to explain to anyone how to do it through hex editing.

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