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ARD's Randomizer is Flashback Levels for NST
Big Grin 
(First off, I think ARD has secretly cursed it  Big Grin  my first level was an (almost) all nitro orient express and Road Crash didn't go much better Tongue )

The Randomizer ARD has put up with the Alchemist tool is amazingly good at building Flashback Level style challenges in Crash 3's bonus levels, particularly the Egypt levels as the floor is entirely crates.

It even makes the Mask Crates an obstacle because if you get 3 of them you'll fall through the floor, seems fitting to have them as Uka Uka...

I also got great results from the first prehistoric level which turned wumpa fruit into Nitro 

And Double Header, which actually felt like it had been made by someone, it really felt like the difficulty of the obstacles was deliberately designed. Crazy though, 'cause it's entirely random. 

Definitely worth playing around with if you like the look of Crash4IAT. I know he's only just put it up but I figured I'd make a thread to find out if anyone else has stumbled across any levels that just keep giving great combinations, or just makes hilarious nonsense... as it seems to make something cool every time I do Tomb Wader;
Tomb Wader randomized #2
Tomb Wader randomized #3
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